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Our company was established in 2000. In the last 10 years we prepared many successful calls for proposals for micro-, small-, medium-sized companies and for civil organizations as well. We maintain long-term relations with most of our clients.



Monitoring of grant opportunities/tenders

Our company monitors and collects all the calls for national, EU and international tenders and provides selection tailored for each client’s specific needs.


To find the most suitable financing opportunities for the companies, that is based on detailed image provided by the clients about their business. Afterwards we work out together the most advantageous financing strategy.

Preparing, compiling the submitted application

Our team completes the application form, assembles the documentation in a highly professional way. We gather the necessary information keeping permanent contact with the client, and gather technical documents as well. We elaborate a remarkable, relevant, understandable and logical project plan and budget in common consensus and cooperation with the client.


We are especially skilled in preparing of media tenders and provide permanent professional support for companies in the field of Media. Our organization monitors media tenders, devotes special attention on preparing the applications, gathers and encloses all the necessary technical documents, official declarations etc.

Follow up of the applications

The winning tenders need a professional follow-up, which includes preparation of regular reports about the project and documents needed for obtaining the financial implementation. We guide our clients throughout the process of preparing announcements complying with the applicable acquisition requirements. Our team members have the necessary professional qualification to provide the expected high quality service.


Handing in calls for proposals does not mean the work has ended! Our company undertakes –in the frame of its services - the whole project-management. Preparation of reports for the executive authorities considering the project and the documents needed if changes occur. Besides we help with the elaboration of financial statements, analysis and accountancy during the project at the end of the implementation, as well as preparation of the final reports. If it is needed our team helps to follow up the project for the following 5 years.

Looking for partners

For tenders calling associations we can find partners for any company and association in a short time, so as our clients can choose the best financial opportunity from a wider range of tenders.


Our company undertakes to translate the whole documentation of any international tenders or the ones granted by the European Union.

Languages: English, German, Slovakian, Romanian, French, Hungarian.


We provide permanent professional support for companies. Our team provides support for our clients, which prepare their tenders by themselves in looking for financial opportunities, preparing application forms, gathering the documents in a professional way. We can help You at any method of the preparation!

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